about TARF

Theatre Arts Researching the Foundations (Malta)

Set up in 2005 and restructured in 2007, TARF (Malta) is committed to foster research cultures and develop links between theatre practitioners, academia, and industry. TARF is also committed to the examination of performance through historical roots and exchange.

The events branch of TARF organised three editions of SUPA (the Summer University of Performing Arts) in 2005, 2006, and 2007. SUPA events are focused around specific research topics and include a full performance programme, international workshops, exchanges of craft, and conferences.

TARF’s interest in laboratory-based research is manifest in its practice branch’s association with Icarus Performance Project (Malta), the Theatre Studies Programme of the University of Malta, and the Drama and Theatre Studies Department of the University of Kent.

In 2007 the publications branch of TARF embarked on an international venture with Odin Teatret and the Grotowski Institute aimed at making texts by European scholars and practitioners available to a wider audience.

Frank Camilleri
Vicki-Ann Cremona
Mario Frendo